As we all know, The PlayStation 5 SSD is truly the next level. Xbox Series X features much better specs on paper, however, the SSD on PS5 has been hailed by a lot of industry and developers.

The PS5 SSD has once again come into discussion and spotlight after Horizon Forbidden West game developer Mathijis De Jonge shared some insights. According to De Jonge, Horizon Forbidden West will have “virtually no loading screen. He further said that when you fast travel from one place to another, the game will directly get you in the action.

“With the PS5’s SSD, there will be virtually no loading screens,” he beamed. “So, in an open world game like Horizon Forbidden West, if you open up the map and fast travel from one end to the other [or] restart from a checkpoint, it’ll be super-fast. And when you boot up the game, you’re right there, in the action.”

De Jonge also said that they are focused on releasing the game in 2021, and its map will be much bigger than the previous Horizon game. In the same vein, the PlayStation 5 is set to release later this year. The Console was recently announced and it came with two variants. The one with the disc will be expensive, while the Digital without CD Drive will be much cheaper. We saw dozens of games being released in the PlayStation 5 – Future of Gaming Show. The event kicked off with Grand Theft Auto V. The same GTA 5 revealed half a decade ago, but this only is more enhanced and exclusive to PS5. You can see the list of PS5 Games Revealed at the event here.