Noctua announced their 2nd generation of cooling compounds after the immense success of their NT-H1. The NT-H2 is an enthusiast grade cooling compound that comes in a larger 10mg pack paired with the NA-SCW1 cleaning wipes together making an easy cooler installation process and unparalleled cooling performance.

“First introduced in 2007 and shipped with our premium-quality CPU coolers for more than 10 years, our NT-H1 thermal compound has proven its excellent performance in countless tests and reviews. It’s chosen again and again by overclockers and hardware enthusiasts around the globe, not only for its efficiency but also for its ease of application and cleaning. Today, we’re proud to present the new, second-generation NT-H2 that provides even better performance!” said Roland Mossig, CEO at Noctua.

The NT-H2 offers premium cooling performance and long-term stability for up to 5 years. The NT-H2 will be offered in two size variants one of which will be the standard 3.5g package and the other larger variant being the 10g pack. Both the packages will be paired with their NA-CW1 cleaning wipes to ensure a smooth and easy installation process.

For users that would like to stick with the NT-H1, Noctua is now offering a 10g pack for the NT-H1 as well. The thermal compounds will be available on Amazon for a price tag of $7.90 USD for the 3.5g pack and $14.90 for the 10g pack. Read more on the announcement here.

The suggested retail prices are as follows:
NT-H2 3.5g: 12.90 EUR/USD
NT-H2 10g: 24.90 EUR/USD
NT-H1 3.5g: 7.90 EUR/USD
NT-H1 10g: 14.90 EUR /USD

Links and photos
High-res photos:
NT-H1 3.5g:
NT-H1 10g:
NT-H2 3.5g:
NT-H2 10g:

The new pastes are available for purchase from Amazon at their respective prices and will be available worldwide at various local retailers at a later date.

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