As Android Pie is getting common day by day now because it’s old news now, everyone was excited back in the days when the new version of Android 9 (Pie) got announced.

Today The Nokia 7 Plus is following the small lineup of non-Google phones to arrange an update of Android 9 Pie. HMD Global chief product officer Juho Sarvikas announced in a tweet today. Outside of Nokia, the update has only succeeded out to Essential Phones, eight Motorola phones, and the OnePlus 6, which works with a modified version of Android 9 Pie, as well as Google’s Pixel phones.

Android 9 Pie delivers a range of useful new features, such as the adaptive battery, tweaked navigation, and improved notifications that skip out the jumble. What’s striking is that the Nokia 7 Plus will be the very first non-Pixel phone to get the Digital Wellbeing features, which displays a dashboard of your phone habits and tracks app time usage.

The update is proceeding in a phased rollout, and it will soon expand beyond the first 10 percent install base. The Nokia 7 Plus is a budget $400 Android phone that’s not properly available in the US but mainly targeted toward Asia and India. Nevertheless, the Nokia 6.1, which actually is available in the US, is expected to get the update soon as well.

Despite the staggered release of Android 9 Pie, the update rollout been much faster than in previous years. It’s plausible that this may be due to a feature inside of Android Oreo called Project Treble, which is supposed to let manufacturers make easier, faster updates to their phones.