Along with Nvidia unveiling the RTX 2060 they also announced that they are going to bring G-Sync to various FreeSync monitors through a driver update. G-Sync specializes in making sure that there is no tearing whatsoever while you are playing games. G-Sync monitors adjust their refresh rate according to your framerates to reduce or completely remove the tearing.

A lot of gamers can not afford G-Sync monitors because of their hefty price tags. So, Founder and CEO of Nvidia Jensen Huang decided that twelve FreeSync monitors will get G-Sync support.

The list of monitors:
• Acer XG270HU
• Acer XZ321Q
• Acer XFA240
• Acer XV273K
• AOC G2590FX
• Agon AG241QG4
• Asus VG258Q
• Asus MG278Q
• Asus VG278Q
• Asus XG258
• Asus XG248
• BenQ XL2740

The driver update will released alongside with RTX 2060 on 15th January so if you have one of the mentioned monitors then stay on the lookout for the update.

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