How many times do you hear the word “Misunderstanding” being used as an excuse for such a mess?. Nvidia has blamed Misunderstanding for the Activision Blizzard withdrawal from GeForce now.

Well, previously Nvidia announced their first Cloud Gaming service called GeForce Now. The service was very catchy after it was in Beta. GeForce Now required players to buy a certain game and enjoy it on the cloud service. These players were unable to run Heavy games, due to low-end PC’s. Additionally, Players purchased many games that they wanted to run on GeForce Now. Among these purchases, there were dozens of Activision Blizzard games, including the Whole series of Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch series. After players purchased their desired games, days later, Activision Blizzard withdrew from the service, and those games were not supported on GeForce Now anymore.

Blizzard will return Blitzchung’s money, the suspension is also reduced.

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Nvidia has finally released a statement on the matter, saying that it was a big “misunderstanding”. NVIDIA says, that they were assuming Activision Blizzard would participate in GeForce Now Beta, and continue for a further three-month trial. However, Activision withdrew from the services due to unknown reasons.

Activision Blizzard has been a fantastic partner during the GeForce Now beta, which we took to include the free trial period for our founder’s membership. Recognizing the misunderstanding, we removed their games from our service, with the hope we can work with them to re-enable these, and more, in the future.

Nvidia Has High hopes
Nvidia hopes to bring Actvision Blizzard titles back, but it all depends on what Activision Blizard thinks next. Previously, there was a rumour that Activision Blizzard has offered its port to the rival Stadia platform, but so far it has just been a rumor. Players affected by this saddening misunderstanding have been left with games, that are not supported by GeForce Now. However, they can play it in the future if their PCs are good enough to handle them.

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Assuming Activision Blizzard returns to GeForce Now, it’ll be a huge relief for both sides. The misunderstanding has not been confirmed by Activision Blizzard, their statement has yet to come.

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