Minecraft is about to get significant graphics update because real-time ray tracing support is coming to Minecraft. However, we have seen some modders adding path tracing to Minecraft which is similar to real-time ray tracing, but NVIDIA has announced that they are working on official ray tracing support for the game. 

RTX technology generally improves graphic visuals and shadows. Moreover, Ray tracing technology allows us to see the environment more realistic than ever before. NVIDIA describes the benefits of this technology in Minecraft as “Lighting is upgraded to real-time global illumination, enabling light to realistically illuminate blocks and buildings as the world is modified. Emissive blocks like Glowstone and Lava can illuminate environments, along with other dynamic game elements. Water, glass, and other reflective surfaces show accurate real-time reflections, mirroring their surroundings.” 

Furthermore, the new update will itself be moddable. NVIDIA described: “Minecraft probably has the most mods of any game, ever. So ray tracing will of course also be moddable, enabling players to generate endless ray-traced content for themselves and others.” Click here, if you want to watch the new Official RTX trailer of Minecraft.

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