It looks like Coronavirus has delayed a very important announcement from Nvidia. The company just wrote that they were set to announce a piece of important news, however Coronavirus outbreak has forced them to postpone it.

Nvidia says that all announcements scheduled for this month won’t happen. They are very concerned about their employees, partners, and analysts’ health.
“This isn’t the right time. We’re going to hold off on sharing our GTC news for now. That way, our employees, partners, the media and analysts who follow us, and our customers around the world can focus on staying safe and reducing the spread of the virus,” Nvidia said

The most likely announcement, which might have been about the Ampere was scheduled for this year’s Nvidia GPU Technology Conference. This specific event has been mostly used for the announcements of various technologies and graphics cards. It is very unfortunate that it has been called off this month, else we could have heard about the Ampere, which has insane specs in many leaks.

Nvidia further says that more content will be streamed on their social networks.
“We will still stream tons of great content from researchers and developers who have prepared great talks. This is a time to focus on our family, our friends, our community. Our employees are working from home. Many hourly workers will not need to work but they’ll all be fully paid,” Nvidia said.

Well since most of the cities around the world have declared a state of emergency, I don’t think we are going to hear the Ampere announcement anytime soon. Apart from this, it is a very good decision from Nvidia to call this event because things are getting worse. In my opinion, people should respect their decision, and critics against this decision should be avoided.

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