The prices of NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards are slowly falling down to MSRP levels after the crypto-induced high prices we’ve seen earlier this year. It was almost impossible for the gamers to get their hands on a high-end graphics card like the GTX 1080 Ti because of the prices which had gone up by as much as 2-3 times the MSRP. The bubble finally burst and a few months later, prices of the graphics card are closer to MSRP and prices are expected to fall fall further.

Some channel partners say that this is the lowest the NVIDIA GeForce GTX series prices are going to go and the reason for that is the company has set the MSRP very close to the manufacturing cost and any retailer attempting to sell the graphics card at a lower price would actually end up facing a loss. Zotac had a deal for a GTX 1080 Ti at the price of only $699 and as IHVs have matched this, the prices will not go down any further. So, is this actually a good time to buy yourself a high-end graphics card? Probably not.

The reason behind NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen’s statement regarding the launching of the new GTX 11 series (or whatever it may end up being called)  being pretty far away was just to make the users buy the current lineup of GPUs and also to cut down their inventory numbers. The drop in prices would also further increase the demand for the current lineup of GPUs. We have confirmed that as soon as the GTX 11 series is launched, the entire GTX 10 series will be getting price cuts. The GTX 11 series will get launched in the fourth quarter of 2018 at Gamescom.

So, our suggestion is, you should wait for a couple of months to buy the GTX 10 series graphics card at an even more reduced price after the GTX 11 series are launched or you could just buy the GTX 11 series graphics card within the same budget as the current GTX 10 series.

Some people are claiming that NVIDIA will not launch the next-gen graphics card lineup until their inventory is completely finished but that is highly unlikely.

It has been confirmed that NVIDIA GeForce Add-in-Board partners will be getting shipments of NVIDIA’s next-gen GPUs somewhere in early August. A couple of third-party sources have already indicated a launch in late Q3 2018.

It’ll be a good bet that the new architecture could be called Turing as the company has been paying homage to Alan Turing on its Twitter account and as Alan Turing is considered to be the father of modern computer science. We do not have any final word about the nomenclature but there were rumors about the new series being called GTX 20XX or GTX 11XX. Stay tuned for more!