Upto the level of GTX Titan X?

Nvidia’s upcoming GTX 1080 Ti graphics beast is reportedly launching at next year’s CES in January featuring the company’s high-end GP102 GPU. Packing 3328 CUDA cores, a 1.6Ghz boost clock, 12GB of GDDR5X memory & an impressive 10.8 TFLOPs of graphics horsepower.An official said that GTX 1080ti will delivery almost same performance as Gtx Titan X Pascal,But What is the point of having same gpus with similar performance? Because the GTX 1080ti will be bit cheaper.

Prices will be similar because Titan X both in terms of performance and in pricing are similar to each other means a price tag of somewhere between $630 (£565) and $1,200 (£1,099)

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, A Price worth its performance? To GTX Titan X

Couple weeks ago CEO Jen-Hsun Huang Of Nvidia confirmed about GTX 1080ti.Aswell he stated that The GTX 1080 Ti will be powered by a slightly cut back variant of the GP102 GPU. 52 out of a total of 60 SMs are enabled with the remainder 8 SMs lasered off. This is only four SMs fewer than the GP102 variant used to power the GTX Titan X Pascal, Nvidia’s fastest graphics card to date. Although the GTX 1080 Ti will come with fewer functional CUDA cores than its bigger brother, it will actually perform just as well.

Nvidia has reportedly pushed the clock speeds up significantly compared to the Titan X Pascal. The result is 10.8 teraflops of FP32 compute compared to the Titan X’s 11. Furthermore, because Nvidia is allowing its partners to go wild with designs we’re bound to see factory overclocked 1080 Ti’s that outperform the Titan X right out of the box. Very much exactly like what we had seen with the GTX 980 Ti & the original Titan X last year.So the hope is if the aftermarket coolers overclock well then the GTX 1080ti will be able to beat it.

Whats New?

Officaly stated that Nvidia is planning to create a “Club GeForce Elite” program. It costs $10 per month, and allows gamers to play a rotating bundle of free games (up to 4x per quarter), awards a free GeForce PC in the cloud subscription (presumably this covers Nvidia’s existing streaming game service), and grants “Exclusive skins, in-game items, and GeForce Gear.”.They also said that Gtx 980ti owners will get discount on purchasing the new 1080ti.They will get the acces to pre-order it first according to Nvidia.Nvidia is planning a ‘Step Up’ offer,” for the 980ti users.

Rumors suggest the GTX 1080 Ti could be announced at Nvidia’s CES keynote in January, while others say Nvidia plans to keep the card in its back pocket as an ace in the hole against the AMD will roll out sometime in the first half of 2017.Nvidia is now clearly waiting for AMD so their could be a comparison again.

Nothing called the “GeForce Experience app store” currently exists. Nor any “GeForce PC in the cloud,” though that could be a reference to the GeForce Now service itself.Perhaps what i said by Nvidia will surely be submitted by them.

Lets wait for 2017 and see what Nvidia has actually been planning for its customers.Time will tell this.