Previously we heard AMD RX 5950 XT Graphics card specs, which was later described as an “Nvidia Killer”. There were tons of leaks and evidence supporting it, but non were confirmed. The massive GPU showed tremendous power in the benchmarks, but they seem to be fake.

Sources claimed that the AMD RX 5950 XT will come with 5, 120 cores, 80 CUs, and 24GB of HBM2e Memory. These stats look too good to be true. I mean 24GB of HBM2e is way ahead of our times, and it would have been headlines all over the world. This claim was made after a picture of SK Hynix PC was leaked.

 AMD RX 5950 XT

SK Hynix confirmed it was fake
SK Hynix explained that document is fabricated, and SK Hynix employee’s PC on Leak was edited.
“there have been media reports about SK Hynix’s memory HBM2E and AMD’s next-generation GPU, based on the allegations by a Twitter user CyberPunkCat, which are factually incorrect. After a thorough investigation, we conclude that the screen capture of the allegedly internal document is fabricated. ‘Leaks’ like this are all too easy to fabricate – and it seems they are just as easily dispelled as well. For a start, SK Hynix says that the “specifications of our HBM2E shown in the document are incorrect.”

SK Hynix won’t tolerate more leaks associated with them
SK Hynix is not happy with the leaks, and false information affiliated with their company. They have threatened to sue, anyone who crosses the line. Hynix wrote, that they will “protect the interests of the company and its customers”.

 AMD RX 5950 XT

These rumours immediately spread across Internet, and AMD was highly appreciated. Since, these rumours have become fake, it has raised many other questions like, does RX 5950 XT exist? Is AMD planning to launch an Nvidia Killer?. Well, only time and AMD can answer these questions, until then, do not trust any rumours

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