Nvidia silently listed a new addition to the Geforce Family, TR tipster SH SOTN spotted a new listing on the GeForce GTX 1050 page. The green tech giant added a 3GB version of the budget GPU to its lineup. Despite not being titled as the “Ti”, the card consists of the same number of shader cores as the 1050 Ti. It also runs at a higher clock than the 1050Ti. However, Nvidia cut down the memory interface of the new 1050 3gb to 96 Bits, 1050Ti has 128bit

The new 3GB version of the card’s GDDR5 memory runs at the same 7 GT/s transfer rate as the other sub-variants. As a final result, the cut-down memory interface puts it at a disadvantage.

Upon the comparison between the new 1050 3GB and 1050 2GB, we can see that Nvidia stepped up the base and boost clocks of the GTX 1050 3GB a little bit. The ramped up clock rates will surely help in compute workloads, although no one buys GP107-based cards for compute.

Even if the new 3GB version of 1050 turns out to be a bit slower than the 2GB version in gaming workloads, they should still be able to handle casual and esports gaming workloads with ease. Nvidia could also price them cheaply, making it the best buy for the casual starter gaming. Pricing and availability for this new card remain a mystery, but we’ll keep an eye on e-tail shelves for them.