Pascal isn’t going anywhere.

If you’re in the market to buy a new graphics card from Nvidia, you will probably have to wait for a couple of months in order to receive a new line up of GPU’s from Nvidia.

Tomshardware reports Nvidia is unlikely to roll out new graphics card at either the Game Developers Conference (GDC) or its own Graphics Technology Conference (GTC).


Earlier this month, a lot of rumors have been roaming around the internet, these rumors state that Nvidia is going to launch not just one GPU architecture this year, but two, Ampere and Turing.

Next-Gen Graphics Cards

Nvidia plans to skip right over Volta for its next generation of consumer cards. Reports from Tomshardware suggest that the architecture ‘Turing’ is going to focus on the gaming market while ‘Ampere’ is going to focus more on the server-industry circles.

What to expect from Nvidia in GDC and GTC

Earlier this year, a hope was that Nvidia will launch their new GPU architectures in GDC and GTC 2018. As we have seen recently, Nvidia refreshing their Pascal architecture when they launched the 1070ti everyone was hoping to see new GPU line up from Nvidia. TomsHardware heard from “multiple independent sources” that the best we can expect from Nvidia at either event is a “vague ‘appetizer’, and nothing concrete”. This is not a surprise because Nvidia hasn’t revealed a new GeForce card at either event in 2017. Pascal GP100 was discussed at GTC in 2016.

For now, there isn’t much official information to talk about. All of the leaks and rumors haven’t pointed out that ‘Ampere’ and ‘Turing’ are the official new architectures from Nvidia. However, these rumors do suggest that ‘Ampere’ will take aim at the server market, or perhaps even the cryptocurrency mining sector and that Turing will, in fact, be a gaming GPU to replace Pascal.

On the other hand, crypto miners will continue to get their hands on the new GPUs, before the actual consumer (gamers) can get their hands on, So no one is actually excited to see new graphics cards from Nvidia neither AMD, Both GPU makers (Nvidia and AMD) should find a solution to control the fiasco of current GPU market, where miners are eating the supply of GPUs causing the price to reach a point where it is not feasible to buy. Gamers are just waiting for that day to shine when the crypto miners will be separated from the Gaming GPUs market by Nvidia and AMD.

We’ll find out how much potential these rumors have, soon enough—both events kick off later this month, with GDC running from March 19-23, and GTC going from March 26-29.