With the release of Nvidia’s Shield TV update, Shield Software Experience Upgrade 7.1, Nvidia also released a new mobile app offering remote control for the Shield TV streaming box. The app is accessible for both iOS and Android, enabling you to navigate the Android TV interface, control a mouse pointer, and to enter text. 

The app is available for free and is a must for the people who own SHIELD. In other words, the new Nvidia Shield TV app is just another variant of the already available Android TV Remote Control app designed by Google. But, of course, the Nvidia specific features are only available in the app of its own. So it’s not a waste of time.

The app has some benefits of its own such as, with the new app it’s a lot easier to log into services on the Shield TV, while also reducing one of the bigger problems people had with the box: the first-gen remote’s bad battery life. So this app should at least put an end to the times where people had to use a wireless remote plugged into a wall socket.

The remote app will require version 7.1 of the Shield TV software, the first update since 7.0 induced a major UI refresh with Android Oreo.

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