Budget oriented gamers that are looking to pick up Nvidia’s new Geforce RTX series graphics card for it tremendous ray tracing abilities may want to drive away from the lower-end variants. According to some speculations and reports, due to the heavy taxing hardware demands of ray tracing technology, there’s a slight chance that Nvidia might not be integrating Ray Tracing abilities to its lower end GPUs.

According to Kress’s statement on how Nvidia is going to start with the ray tracing GPUs and following listing of the RTX 2080Ti, 2080 and 2070 cards led Hot Hardware to speculate that the entry level RTX 2060 card might not be coming with Ray tracing support.

Hot Hardware also mentioned that on lower end RTX chips, gaming performance would suffer from ray tracing enabled, that might be the cause of Nvidia ditching the Ray tracing capabilities for 2060. However, if this speculation is true the ray tracing feature would only be found on the 2070 or higher, which could raise the cost of entry for gamers that are looking to try out the latest graphics feature from Nvidia. 

Although, it’s still just a speculation and things might come out in a different way in the end. Also, a number of reports suggest that we might be seeing the RTX 2060 launch next year. So, if you aren’t looking for the Ray tracing feature and you don’t want to wait, then it might be the perfect time to score a deal on the previous Gtx series graphics cards, as a lot of people are selling them for cheap prices in order to get new RTX series.