NVIDIA is on its way to give the gamers a best Christmas present by launching its highly awaited next-generation graphics card possibly under the name of “Turing” apparent from the company’s tweets. They haven’t disclosed a substantial amount of information regarding this card but we’ve gain access to the image of a prototyping board for the GDDR6-based graphics card from Reddit. We can see 12 modules of Micron’s GDDR6 memory, something bearing resemblance with NVLink and three 8-pin power connectors. This board is not sufficient to provide a concrete evidence for the new graphics cards as these are only for testing graphics cards by tens of switches and connectors, it is the initial stage for the development of a graphics card.


Whatever the possible layout of the upcoming graphics card may be, we are positive that NVIDIA will provide us with their next generation series, which is, evident from the reports leaked from Wccftech pointing towards shipping of NVIDIA’s new graphics cards to GeForce board partners in August. Another report from videocardz.com is strengthening this news tells that NVIDIA has started sending its invitations to Gamecon in order to unveil their yet-unrevealed new graphics card.