A game that appears to be mirroring past works from 16 bit or Super NES era, considered the golden era for role-playing games by some fans, yet encompassing the sublime scenic representation of modern day graphics and mechanics in conjunction? The idea of such a game hits the nostalgia seeking gamers with a bang of thrill. In the past, some developers tried to conceive a game of this sort but most of them didn’t live up to the golden standards of adventure RPGs. Finally, the developers at Square Enix in collab with Acquire conjured up a stunning turn-based role-playing video game for Nintendo Switch to satiate the thirst of adventure RPG lovers, named Octopath Traveler. It has all the potential to be hailed as the touchstone for modern turn-based RPGs.

They have introduced a groundbreaking style under the name of “HD-2D” in which the 16-bit character styles are blended in with high definition graphics and modern polygonal environment. The aesthetics display all the frills in their bloom with the storybook representation of characters upon the terrains and paths. The real mix up of sands and snows and lighting effects to brighten up your experience is mind blowing especially for a person heavily inclined towards a good setting.  One of the many aspects I found amusing was the clever use of foregrounds to shrouded the hidden paths from the player’s sight, you have to explore the area and actively search for the hidden paths along the journey which leads you to secret items or new paths. It is a striking motivational factor for players to not only just go with the game’s flow but actually go out of their way and seek for hidden signs and new aspects of the game. There are some graphical flaws like a blurring of character outlines but these are easily overweighed by the pros of graphical finesse seen in the dioramic style of the game.


As the name “Octopath Traveler” suggests, eight travelers each with his/her own storyline and objectives journey together through the game. We can choose any of them, keep that in mind that the storylines of these characters do not cross paths, but they help each other out through the journey and you can actually experience the storylines of all eight characters in a single playthrough, how awesome is that. Each character has an intriguing and a well-written storyline and impactful personalities.


Finally the combat mechanics, they have employed a turn-based battle system. You can come up with awesome strategies to aid your victory by using different kinds of attacks, abilities, and weapons each attributed to the type of character you are using. A great addition to the battle mechanics is the use of boost points, the player gets a Boost point at the end of each turn and stores them up to 5 Boost points. Boost points can be used to up their commands by increasing the attack frequency through multiple attacks, raise their defense or increase the potency of their attacks.  You cannot simply win the battles only by exploiting elemental weaknesses against your foes, you have to be thoughtful of your timing skills with proper strategizing to carve your victory. It will invite you to stop and think after every turn on how to bring the enemy defense down with the handful of options from attack, attack the foe with equipped weapon, defend or flee and many more methods proprietary to the respective character in play. This approach encourages you to experimentation with a plethora of character-specific abilities and moves in order to break your way out of the battles. The new dimensions to the game you’ll unravel one after another will blow you away, the addition of job system to the game will even allow the particular characters to employ moves from a different combat class i. e, dagger users can uses sword attackshysical characters are now able to use spell attacks to shatter enemy defenses. How crazy is that? this will lead to an explosion of countless battle strategies and method leaving a substantial room for though for the player.


The above description is more than enough for you to grasp a general idea about the extensive gameplay encompassing more than 70 hours for a single character. The game has been released worldwide on 13th July 2018, it is waiting for you to play it and provide you the best RPG experience there is!