PUBG has been a great success for Bluehole since day one. The game broke almost all records in the history of multiplayer games, crossing over 30 million sales despite falling player numbers. The game has improved a lot when it comes to the PC version with the active updates Bluehole pushes every day, we can safely say that PUBG has been a great success for the PC platform, but however, the story for the console platform is different and PUBG isn’t exactly a smooth experience on consoles with choppy gameplay, lots of bugs and horrendous lag in the servers of consoles.



With the success of PC and to some extent consoles too, the game is now available in the USA for iPhone, iPad, and Android as well. You can get it straight from the United States iOS App Store/Google Play Store. The release of PUBG’s mobile app might have been pushed up by Fortnite Battle Royale launching on mobile causing the developers to release the PUBG mobile game quickly in the competition with Fortnite.

The mobile version of PUBG was developed by Tencent Games, a Chinese video game company headquartered in Shenzhen. The mobile PUBG is very similar to the original game, although the graphics have been toned down for mobile performance. You also are limited to the single original map, but you’re still in for prolonged rounds of gameplay, which is sure to drain your phone’s battery.

With the release of the Mobile app, it looks like the creators of PUBG aren’t holding back their potential of consistency and will surely push the game to the maximum glory in future.