OnePlus is growing into a new line of business: making TVs. Best recognized for its phones, China’s OnePlus also has a small description of producing really good accessories like wireless earphones and surprisingly impressive backpacks, though nothing as complicated or costly as a television set. In announcing the news on the OnePlus online forums, company chief Pete Lau explains it as “the beginning step in building a coherent human experience.”

Every hardware manufacturing company is now looking eagerly at ways to monetize the smart home space. Samsung and Huawei lately announced smart speakers, Apple and Google already released the HomePod and Google Home, respectively, and Microsoft and Sony are old occupants of the console realm with their Xbox and PlayStation consoles. OnePlus has determined to make its entry point into this market the TV itself, which has always been at the core of home entertainment, though often with the help of other connected devices. Reading Lau’s teaser announcement, the OnePlus TV — which so far only has a project name, no timeline or specs have been revealed — will toil as the connectivity center for OnePlus’ ultimate vision of the smart home.

The OnePlus smart TV will be produced by a new division within OnePlus, led by Pete Lau himself. Still at the earliest stages of development, OnePlus is currently seeking input from its fans, as it often does, about what their priorities with a future smart TV will be.