Everyone’s attention is being caught by the new OnePlus 6T that was just announced this today, but OnePlus itself is already staring far ahead of that. Last week, OnePlus proclaimed that it was operating on a 5G phone for launch as advanced as the first half of next year, and today, this imminent 5G phone was a subject of discussion during the 6T launch event.

When examining the Snapdragon 845 processor found in the 6T, Qualcomm’s president Cristiano Amon presented a point to note that “we’re very happy that our efforts with OnePlus will include 5G smartphones in the very near future.” In an interview leading the 6T launch, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, stated that OnePlus assumes to launch a 5G phone next year and that it’s already operating with European carriers to make it happen. “We’re confident we’ll be the first 5G phone in Europe,” said Lau, with the help of a translator.

When asked why it was so compelling to jump into 5G so quickly, Lau told it’s something that the company has noticed the interest for from its customers, even though 5G networks have yet to launch anywhere in the world. Lau states the company is also involved in producing a 5G device early so it can better learn what the technology is proficient of and what it can deliver to its customers.

One thing that isn’t going to change is OnePlus’ current device track: Lau tells that the new 5G device will accompany alongside its existing 4G LTE phones because 5G won’t be accessible worldwide by next year. “It doubles the workload for us because it’s an additional product,” he stated. “It will be its own line of phones.”