Rachel McCumbers, the mother of the Orange Justice kid, is now filing a lawsuit against Fortnite for stealing her son’s dance. After Alfonso Ribeiro, many people started suing Fortnite few of them being 2 Milly and the Backpack kid. However, the Orange Justice kid’s lawsuit doesn’t even make sense since it was added to the game because of his own choice.

The Orange Justice kid submitted a dance called ‘Random’ to the Boogie Down contest which happened on March 30th, 2018. Though he didn’t win the contest, but fans made a change.org petition to add the dance move in the game, and to everyone’s surprise, it did make it in Fortnite. Now, Fortnite explained that they wouldn’t be paying anyone for their dance move if it does make it to the game.

Also, the Orange Justice kid isn’t the original creator of the ‘Random’ dance move as Roy Purdy; another Youtuber made it first. I don’t think Rachel McCumbers will win the case as the rules were clearly stated on their post. Nonetheless, this isn’t a smart move from Rachel McCumbers as it can fire back negatively.

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