Recently confirmed at Blizzcon 2019 in November, Overwatch 2 is the new game coming to Overwatch series. The game was confirmed recently, so very few details are shared by Blizzard. A few days ago, game assistant director Aaron Keller, and lead Writer Micheal Chu shared some details about Overwatch 2.

According to both gentleman, Overwatch 2 will have a complete story from beginning to end. “There are two things that immediately come to mind. With story missions, we’ll have a more traditional way to tell a story in the Overwatch universe: a complete story with beginning, middle, and end. In addition, we’ve finally moved the story forward after Winston’s recall, and we hope to continue to push events into the future in the stories to come”.

Furthermore, the Blizzard blog released that Sojourn, the new playable character will be “a critical character moving forward” and “extremely important to the events that take place in Overwatch 2. Furthermore, the game will have an almost 2x Larger map than regular Overwatch maps. There will be advance technology in the area of show dynamic weather, lightning, explosions and much more.

Overwatch 2

Keller also responded to an interesting question that asked that if the story PvE content in Overwatch 2 will follow a similar format to earlier events in Overwatch 1. Killer replied saying “We have always considered Overwatch as a universe that we want to tell stories in. Overwatch (the game) was the first expression of this universe, but we have been experimenting with PvE in the annual Archives events, and have certainly heard from the community that it’s something that they are interested in. With story missions in Overwatch 2, we have the opportunity to make good on this, and explore the Overwatch universe in new ways. We like to call the story a Story Experience. It’s not quite a single-player campaign in that you will be playing the story alongside three other players in co-op. Players will experience the story together with their friends.

Overwatch 2

Apart from this, the blog said that older characters will be updated with a new style and appearance. Blizzard is also planning to continue to make cosmetic items for all heroes in Overwatch 2. He also added to the statement “We’re still early to talk about what cosmetic items might be available in Overwatch 2 or how those systems might change. We can say we’ll have many options for cosmetics in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 will be released soon, and it’ll support PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The release date has not been confirmed, but the game is in development.