Blizzard has been teasing people for a long time now, new things are coming daily for overwatch lately, while staying open to about what it actually is. The latest teaser tries to clear up whether the developers are going to give us a new hero, map, or something entirely different but it’s interesting anyway.

The first one of these teasers was much less exciting. Revealed on Friday, the initial teaser showed what tried to look like a sort of location in the UK, with many in-world Overwatch lore references.

It was nearly a static image, though, so it wasn’t that much special and clear about what it is supposed to focus. Today’s teaser is similarly short, but instead shows a ball quickly rolling through the same scene from last week’s trailer

Here is the video Blizzard shared

It’s looking more likely that we’re looking at hero 28. Although it isn’t clear if the hero itself can roll into a ball like Samus, or if that is one of their attacks or techniques, maybe an ultimate ability.

We’ll have to see more, but the agreement is still unclear that we’ll be getting a new hero or not.

Fully, expect a new teaser for hero 28 to come out soon, and we’ll be here to tell you about it.