Pakistani players spark resurgence in WESG 2017 APAC.

Not so long ago, gaming was viewed as a leisurely activity. But as the Internet kept sewing the world closer and closer together. People were given an opportunity to connect and consequently challenge one another on different gaming platforms. This phenomenon surged popularity to the extent that these players started gaining sponsors. Recent years saw an increase of global outreach to Electronic sports and encouraged people to contend professionally. Worldwide competitions gave an opportunity for gamers all around the planet to test their skill and dexterity. Sadly, due to lack of facilities and resources, Pakistan wasn’t able to make a mark on the international arena. But now, with growing opportunities and increasing demands for E-sports. Pakistanis are stepping up to challenge the world on their own.


For the first time in history, Pakistan was given a dedicated slot to participate in the World Electronic Sports Games Asia Pacific. Eximious Esports and Portal Esports, two exceptional teams, set out to contend in the continental qualifiers for 2017.

Portal Esports, boasted a strong lineup and were playing for Pakistan in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Their team consisted of Abdul “HSB” Haseeb Khan, Areeb “Storax” Rehman, Muhammad “traNz” Anas, Zaki “KLnT” Nasir and Owais “Kiriminal” Khattak. The team fought hard and put up their best. Unfortunately, despite making a valiant effort, their team could not progress to the next round. But shortcomings never shatter warriors. We are hopeful they will come back stronger in future events and bring pride to their homeland.

Portal and Eximious Esports hold the privilege of being one of the first Pakistani teams to participate in an international event.

Though Pakistan wasn’t able to muster acclaims at CSGO, the Pakistani contingent at Dota 2 was marching to victory. Though Eximious Esports entered the tournament as underdogs and were making their debut appearance in the international arena. Fueled with a blistering lineup of skilled gamers, they did wonders at the competition. Sheraz “Sh1zzy” Akhtar, Musawer “Ghost” Khan Nawaz, Muhammad “Ksg” Ibrahim, Ahsan “Arrow” Hameed and Muhammad “T1Tan” Shehwar all played their parts to put up a resounding display for the whole nation.

Stacked against powerful rivals like EVOS and 7th Heaven, Eximious Esports still managed to claw their way in to the next round. Facing Alpha Red, the stalwarts of Thailand in the playoffs, the national heroes faced a setback. Resultingly, they would have to beat Team Lebanon in order to further progress in to the Grand Finals of WESG APAN 2017.

Eximious upgrading their game.

Eximious were marvelous from the onset. They gained a lead of 5000 gold within 10 minutes of Game 1. To top it off, they kept applying pressure by playing through map rotations and slowly closed out the game, securing Aegis and Cheese in the process. Sh1zzy masterfully played with his Shadow Fiend and put on a sizzling display of 18-2-12. In Game 2, they strung a trap around Team Lebanon by their 4 position support Kise Ryota. The successful repeat ganks on his Doom in the mid lane allowed Sh1zzy to once again take control of the game on the Shadow Fiend. Eximious cruised to victory by dominating every team fight and conceding the GG within the forty-minute mark.

With this remarkable feat, Eximious managed to attain the Pakistan’s highest ever ranking in an international event. They progress to the WESG 2017 APAC: Grand Finals, where they will lock horns with Entity Gaming for the 9th position.
Given their incredible debut performance, greater glory can be expected from them. And scale unmeasured heights of success for their beloved motherland.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Source: AFK Gaming

Image credits: Eximious Esports, AFK Gaming