Islamabad just hosted the very first Games and VFX Super Workshop in Pakistan which was organised by IGDA Pakistan on the 2nd of December. The event was a success in terms of turnout with around 130 participants that were given valuable insight from veterans belonging to the game development, animation and VFX industry.


The workshop was conducted in association with Code for Pakistan, sponsored by the top Games and Animation companies in Islamabad – Rockville Games, Binex Solutions, Optera Digital, and 3rd World Studios, and hosted by Quixel at Bani Gala Islamabad. Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) and Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) endorsed the event.

What made this workshop standout is that it was an industry-subsidized event that helped the participants experience and gain valuable knowledge from the country’s leading experts without having to pay a substantial entry fee to the event.


Pakistan is a growing industry in game development and VFX and these events help bring out the best in the country and help nurture the talent that it has. Getting first-hand experience from the industry leading professionals will surely help the cause and promote Pakistan on an international platform. The Chairperson of the event has indicated future events and workshops will be held throughout the country.

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