Portal Esports

Lately, Pakistan has been excelling in CSGO Esports realm quite well. Thanks to Portal Esports, the only team that has been constantly putting out their time and efforts to stay on top of all of the Pakistani CSGO teams and proving that they have the potential to make a name for Pakistan internationally. Portal Esports’s roster was known as ‘VRN’ before getting acquired by Portal Organization, the team has been winning and dominating all of the local tournaments that have happened in Pakistan.

Worth mentioning achievements of PES are as follows:

  • AY Gaming – Gaming Summit ’17  (Winners)
  • Zowie Extremelends Qualifiers
  • WESG Qualifiers
  • I-Gen Pro League (Winners)
  • Procom ’18 (Winners)

However, unfortunately, things were different for the team when they got the chance to prove their skills internationally in WESG. It’s quite understandable that the pressure and situations are different when it comes to International Lan Events, we’re still proud of PES as they were the only team that could even make it to the internationals.

Invitation of ESL India

In a short Q/A session with Abdul “HSB” Haseeb (Team’s Core Rifler), we got to know that  PES have good terms with the top CSGO teams and organizers of India. PES reached out to the management of ESL India to get invited because it is hard for the team to qualify for the Masters League as there are many issues, the main issue being the server Ping/Latency disadvantage. 

The Lineup for ESL India of PES will be:

  • Abdul “HSB” Haseeb,
  • Anas “traNz” Ayub,
  • Owais “KriminaL” Khattak
  • Saad “Pokemon” Ahmed
  • Babar “KERNELORD” Mairaj
  • Muhammad “JAWWAR” Hussain (Stand-in)

Although PES has been on the top when it comes to individual player skill, we still had some concerns about how the team will stack up against the Indian pro teams, Hsb said Our current team state still lacks map pool, Our team is heavy on individual skills but right now in this tournament (ESL India Masters League), our goal is to practice and use this tournament to implement our team’s strategies against the top Indian teams. Hopefully, we will make a name for ourselves like in previous editions of ESL India.”

The main goal for PES right now is to improve

PES is going to use this tournament as a practice session, playing against India’s top team will give them the verdict of their achievements and team coordination. Visa, security, and political obstacles might come in the way of success for the team in this tournament, But we hope that PES gets what they deserve as they are working hard to make name for Pakistan.

HSB said, For all the Pakistani readers and gamers out there, all I would say is that we need to build more teams, join forces and work on organizing something big like ESL India.