The makers of Android smartphones are all in with foldable smartphone ideas and it seems like Apple doesn’t want to stay behind in the game! The company might be testing a few designs for a foldable iPhone as a patent application has been filed by Apple suggesting so. Both outward and inward folding designs are given away by the sketches in the patent application which shows that for a foldable iPhone, the Cupertino based company might be experimenting with both the types. In the sketches, there’s also an indication of triple stacked form factor of a smartphone design.

Foldable designs in Apple’s patent application
Credit: USPTO

The patent application which was filed by Apple goes under the title “Flexible Display Devices” and was lately published on the US Patent and Trademark Office website does not indicate subtly that a flexible phone is in the pipeline for Apple or not. Though some of the designs sketched in the patent application do indicate practicality but this should not be taken as a sign of a foldable iPhone of being in the process of development as at this point they are just concept ideas.

A foldable design sketch in the patent application placed at first is similar to the rumored Motorola Razr 2019’s clamshell form factor which is also to be a foldable smartphone. An outward folding design, as already witnessed on the Royole FlexPai and is possible to be seen on recent leaks of iQoo, a sub-brand of Vivo, is hinted by another diagram. An inward folding mechanism is also shown in the diagrams similar to the Samsung Flex (a rumored foldable smartphone set to be launched on 20th February). Unlike Samsung’s offering, a concept with a cover display is not shown by the patent application of Apple.

Clamshell design in Apple’s patent sketch
Credit: USPTO

A few diagrams depicting double-folding designs attached with two hinges are also present the design of which will create 3 layers of the main body. The patent of the iPhone maker shows a device with sides folding in opposite direction, the inward-folding section of which will hide a major portion of the display, unlike Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone which folds from the sides. But these are just mere designs as said before and they may or may not take a practical shape though many major smartphone producers are working on foldable phones to keep up with the pace and hence we can say for sure that Apple won’t lag behind and may pitch in with a foldable phone too!!