Path of Exile 2 was recently showcased at ExileCon which looked quite an impressive game. The people at Grinding Gear Games have made an official announcement regarding the Release date and Beta.

The game Beta is unlikely to start until late 2020. Furthermore, Path exile will have Path of Expansions in both Parts of Exile 1 and 2. “We don’t have a release date for Path of Exile 2 yet, but we’re unlikely to start a Beta until at least very late 2020. In the meantime, we are continuing to release Path of Exile expansions on our regular three-month cycle. This content will be available in both the Path of Exile 1 and Path of Exile 2 campaigns. “

The Trailer for Path of Exile 2 is already, you can view it here.

Path of Exile 2 very limited details is stated by Grinding Gear Games. According to rumours, the game will support PC, PlayStation 5 and next-generation Xbox. Furthermore, the company is focusing on combining both games. Every Part of Exile 1 update will also be available in Path of Exile 2, the company has repeatedly said “One Game Two Campaigns”.