In Path of Exile, a new league means new items, and some leagues even give players a new way to create items. The current league caters to the latter. Grinding Gear Games couldn’t have been clearer about their intent as they named it Synthesis. We’re sure you’re curious about the new items and item creation methods, so read up and know more.

Complete Parts of a Whole

In Path Of Exile: Synthesis, both the new kind of items and the new way of creating items are intricately related. The former is what’s known as Fractured Items, which are items that have fractured modifiers, these are modifiers that cannot be changed by POE Orbs or any other POE Currency. These fractured items can be obtained in memory zones in Acts and memories in the Memory Nexus. While they can be used by themselves, their ultimate purpose is to be ingredients in this league’s eponymous process: Synthesis. This is performed by combining three fractured items, with the resulting item known as a synthesized item.

There are various factors that affect the resulting Synthesized Item’s properties. First off is the base item the synthesized item will turn out to be. This depends on the fractured items being used. If all the fractured items being used vary in base item type, the RNG will be the one to decide. If two or all of the fractured items share the same base type, then the synthesized item will be very much like the items used.

As for Item level, it’s dictated by the fractured item with the highest level used in the synthesis. So when making a synthesized item, it’s best to include a fractured item with a high level. Aside from that, you can also throw in two low-level items along with a high-level one, in turn helping you save up on good, high-leveled items rather than putting them all in one pot.

Strength and Other Stats in Numbers

Next would be the number of fractured mods the synthesized item will have. This depends on how many fractured mods the fractured items being used have. If all of them have the same number of mods, then the synthesized item will have the same number mods as the three items used.

However, if one or two items have one or two less fractured mod than the one with the most number of mods, the number of fractured mods on the synthesized item will be a toss-up. To save yourself from ending up with just one or less fractured mods than one or two of the fractured items you used, make sure they all have as many mods as each other.

By The Numbers

As for the fractured mods that will be carried over to the synthesized item, it’s going to be up to RNG. To increase your chances in getting the mod you want, get as many fractured items that share the same mod. With such a method, you get to choose which mods you want the synthesized item to have, thereby saving you the trouble of finding a particular item with the exact modifier – or even set of modifiers – you want.

Now, when it comes to the value of the implicit mods the synthesized item has, it depends on all the mods – implicit or otherwise – of a particular attribute from all the fractured items. For example, if the synthesized item is going to have a life mod, if the fractured items don’t give much life in total, then the same goes with the synthesized item. If it does, then it will.

Path of Exile: Synthesis finally gave players the chance to put together the items that suit them best while reducing RNG’s influence at the same time. If they get it right, that is. Well, with these guidelines, you definitely will!

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