Resonating to Our Needs: Path of Exile Delve Stash Tab

Delve was one of the most unique Path of Exile challenge leagues, as well as one of the most important. And with the latest update, the Delve Stash Tab, its legacy is going to be even more relevant in the core game. Here’s more about these contents and the brand new Delve Stash Tab, which is a huge plus in players’ convenience.

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Beginning of the Descent

For new players that weren’t fortunate enough to experience Delve live, here’s a quick rundown. The aptly named challenge league puts players literally six feet under Wraeclast, as they explore the many dangerous secrets (and enticing rewards) of the pitch-black Azurite Mine.

The darkness of the mines isn’t just an environmental impediment intended to increase a specific dungeon’s difficulty. Rather, it’s a sentient hazard that will deal you damage over time, and will even kill you if you stay for too long.In fact, the core mechanic of Delve is that very premise – you dying for being in the shadows for too long, so you need to follow the Crawler, a light-bearing automated cart that takes a certain path.

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Other than the usual dark, earthy mine tunnels, you’ll also find biomes inside Azurite mines. There are over six biomes, and each one has its own monsters, and therefore its own item yields. Occasionally, you’ll be able to find the city biome spawn, which is much harder in general but has better loot than the rest.

The more you explore, the harder the enemies, the better the rewards. But you can’t be down there all the time and keep going descending forever, as the Crawler needs upgrades, fuel called VoltaxicSulphate, which is then obtained from Standard League maps. In addition to that, you’ll also need to upgrade the Crawler’s equipment with the azurite that you obtain from the mines so you can proceed.

Pretty Mod About It

Among Delve’s many unique PoE items, the most important ones are fossils and resonators – the challenge Delve league’s POE currency. Like POE orbs, they are also used to modify gear. But before its modifiers can be applied, the fossils need to first be inserted into the resonator’s sockets, and then they can finally be put into the gear of your choice.

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What makes these PoE items special is that they give you an actual choice when deciding what kind of mods to put in your gear, thus limiting RNG’s factor when modding to just values. And with Delve being a part of the core content, resonators and fossils have become an essential part of modding.

To help out with the content being part of Standard and Hardcore Leagues, Grinding Gear Games has released the Delve Stash Tab, where you can store up to 5000 fossils and resonators. Aside from the convenience an extra storage offers, you can also use it to trade, as you can also list the fossils and resonators as public, which will allow them to be listed on the official trading site as well as community tools. Do note, however, that once you have put a fossil into a resonator, it can no longer be put inside the Delve Stash Tab.

Fossil Fuels Commerce

If you have plans of trading fossils and resonators, it’s highly recommended to get the Delve Stash Tab, as this will make letting the playerbase know what fossils and resonators you have much easier. And if trading fossils and resonators has become a question when instead of if, the answer would be now, as the worth of resonators is currently pretty high. This is despite the fact that Delve has been released for quite some time now, and has become accessible for everyone. Perhaps it’s because people want to do the more recent challenge leagues instead of looking back. Oh, well!

Whether you’re a new player or an old one that didn’t get to touch Path of Exile Delve content, then you’ve missed the best time to start. But that’s okay, because the second-best time is right now. And before you do, get yourself the Path of Exile Delve Stash Tab!