Patriot Memory is based in Silicon Valley. It designs, develops & manufactures its components locally. Patriot Memory manufactures memory modules,  solid state drives, gaming peripherals and USB flash drives.

We previously reviewed Patriot’s Viper v570 Gaming Mouse. Even though it could not become our daily driver, it was a good attempt from Patriot regarding their peripheral’s devices. We wish to see Patriot manufacturing amazing peripheral devices in the future.

Patriot Trinity USB comes in 3 variations having different storage sizes, starting from 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Today I got my hands on Patriot Trinity USB 64GB. Patriot’s Trinity USB has Type-A, Type-C, and Micro-B USB connectors on it. Patriot Memory states that Patriot Trinity USB offers 200MB/s Read Speed.

Main Features:

• Type-A, Type-C and Micro-B Connectors
• No external software installation needed
• Custom housing allows flexibility and protection
• Low power consumption and high performance
Backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1

Unboxing and Closer Look:

The Patriot Trinity USB comes in a standard packing having blue and white colors. The drive is compatible with Windows & MacOS. We have a branding on the top-left corner that says Patriot Trinity on the front side. The package also states that it sports 3 type of USB connectors & it has the 64GB capacity with 200MB/s read speed. The rear side of the packaging shows that it has 2 years of warranty along with compatibility with OS and Social media handles. It also states that it has easy connectivity with mobile, tablets & computers. On the left side of the rear side of the box, it explains USB compatibility in different languages and on the bottom just mentions Patriot’s Sales Office Details.


Let’s have a look at the Patriot Trinity USB itself. It has Trinity branding on one side and patriot icon on the other side. It has 3 USB connectors as you can see. First, we have the most important connector USB Type-A with support for USB 3.1. Then we can see there is a USB Type C connector on the back. After that, we can see that there is a clip fitting on USB Type-A connector. unclipping it releases the Micro Type-B connector. Being unclipped Type-A connector losses its connectivity with USB as you can see in the images. This is a very unique way of handling multiple connectors. I hope that it won’t easily break.

The drive is capable of up to 210mb/s read and 94mb/s write according to the Crystal Disk Mark benchmark.

Performance and Testing:

Now we’ll talk about most anticipated and the most fun part of the review. The drive was tested on our default bench, Complete specifications of our test bench are as follows:

  • AMD Ryzen 1700
  • Asus Crosshair VI
  • Gskill Trident Z 3200mhz DDR4
  • Samsung 960 EVO 500GB NVME Drive [OS Drive]

Let’s have a look at the results.

The most basic and the most efficient test for the starter is the Crystal Disk Mark benchmark test. Patriot Trinity USB resulted in sequential read speed to be 210.5mb/s and the sequential write speed to be 94.8 Mb/s. Read and write speed will vary randomly.

To further investigate the legitimacy of the Crystal Disk Mark software, we ran a similar test based on a different software known as ATTO disk benchmark test. During the ATTO disk benchmark, The read speed started to cross 70MB/s from 16KB transfer size. The drive was crossing 200MB/s for 1MB transfer size. Then the read and write performance validated at 240mb/s read and 100mb/s write speeds.

To further dig into the Patriot Trinity USB capabilities we ran the “Anvil’s storage utility test”. The read speed was validated at 190MB/s having a response time of 21.0526ms. The write speed was validated at 106MB/s having a response time of 31.59ms. We can also see the result is 0MB/s for 4k random write, that means it timed out waiting for it to work.


We compared the Patriot Trinity USB with Sandisk Ultra Flair 64GB USB. The results of Patriot Trinity USB were way better than the Sandisk Ultra Flair in Large file comparison.

As we can see the Patriot Trinity USB is almost 15% better than the Sandisk Ultra Flair 64GB when large files were processed.


Patriot Trinity USB could not take lead in Small Files comparison, but results are still bearable.


The Trinity series from Patriot Memory provide most features in the USB drive.

Patriot Trinity USB showed 210MB/s read speed and 94MB/s write speed in Crystal disk mark benchmark. For ATTO disk benchmark test the read speed started to cross 100Mb/s from 16kb transfer size, the drive was crossing 200Mb/s from 512KB transfer size. For Anvil’s storage utility test, the read speed was validated at 190MB/s. The write speed was validated at 106MB/s.

patriot-memory-trinity-usb-64GB (12)

The Patriot Trinity USB is for approximately PKR 3000/- on TEXON-WARE & on Amazon for $22.99 at the time of this review. To be honest, it’s really hard to find another USB providing more than 2 USB Connectors and features. Patriot also offers a 2-year warranty for their Patriot Trinity USB series, which suggests that this device may live longer than other USB’s