Patriot is a company based in California, USA. They have been in the PC hardware business since 1985 but they might not grab the name of beasts like Steelseries, Logitech, and Razer, they are planning to develop their piece of the pie with their own special touch.

In the past, Patriot has been well-known when it comes to memory and flash products, but now we’re seeing more brands taking interest in producing gaming peripherals as well just like patriot did. That being said, there isn’t much about this latest addition in the range of mice from Patriot the “Viper V570”.

As mice hold a great position in PC gaming, it’s great to see more brands taking interest in gaming peripherals.

We have previously reviewed ROG Pugio Gaming Mouse, Gladius II, and Impact from Asus, out of all three mice the Gladius II stood out due to its amazing shape and great customizability, winning the recommended award from our reviewers. Let’s see if the “Patriot Viper V570” has the potential to score any of our awards.

I got a chance to review Viper V570 RGB, an average mouse by the first looks of it and when it comes to the build quality the mouse didn’t impress me at all. A handful amount of buttons for those who feel two extra buttons just don’t cover needs of today’s gamers. Probably the best thing about this particular mouse is the RGB madness, with not just one or two but four RGB lighting zones integrated into the mouse, all of which can be programmed and customized over various profiles.

With the 39$ Amazon price-tag, The Viper V570 could become our new award-winning contender, Let’s dig into that more.


Weight: 5.61 oz without wire
Tracking: optical
Dimensions: L5.2 inch W3.1 inch H1.7 inch
Resolutions: 12000 dpi
Operating System: Apple MacOS X or later, Windows 10 or later
Connector Type: USB type A (4 pins)


The Patriot Viper V570 comes in a well-designed box, the packaging of the Viper V570 exerts top-notch impressions when you take a look at the box for the first time with a product photo displaying the Viper itself.

The back of the box contains some hybrid internal pictures of the Viper V570’s body again mentioning the 12,000 dpi sensor, ceramic footpads, that’s a first in a mouse though we will be checking these foot pads further in the review. The back side of the box also contains information of the adjustable weight of the mouse up to 34.2g, 13 programmable buttons and a sniper-button (DPI hotkey).

Rest, the sides of the box feature the same functions of the mouse which are at the front but with a tiny bit of information about the functions, coupled with some product images and logo of the company.

Everything is placed perfectly in the box, the opening door style of the box also pleases the buyer at first sight.

The box contains a manual and a weight adjusting kit with the mouse itself. The braided cable on the mouse is a nice touch and can be a plus point for Red and Black themed gaming setups.

The front of the Viper V570 depicts some noticeable and worth mentioning features of the mouse such as RGB Lighting, 12,000 DPI Laser Sensor, Adjustable weight system and FPS+MOBA Hybrid Design.

The plus point of the mouse is that it has an adjustable weight, you can set weight according to your preference and the sniper button can help a lot in games like Battlefield in which you can slow down the movement of the mouse while scoping in the targets to get that precise shot.



Let’s talk about the fancy software of the Patriot VIPER V570.

In terms of software, Patriot did a great job indeed. The software of the mouse has all of the basic functions that are needed for a typical gamer, In fact, the software consists some extra features as well like Lift-off Adjustment, Y-Axis and X-Axis, angle snapping and virtual touch.

All extra buttons on the mouse are programmable and the macros section is a great addition to the software, especially for MOBA games like Dota 2, Macros can get a lot of advantages for MOBA gamers.

Different functions for scroll-wheel behavior are also available including tilting and universal scrolling. Key cycle function is also available, but it felt like an extra useless function so I didn’t give much attention to it.

The X-Axis and Y-Axis function is similar to macro function but in a different way, and can help in FPS game’s weapon bullet trajectory pattern.

The final cherry on the top is the RGB range. You can choose between 5 modes: Customize, wave, wave (invert), random 1 and random 2. The lighting customization is pretty much on par with all of the current high-end RGB mice out there.

Overall, the experience of the software was flawless, I had zero issues poking the software’s features here and there. The software is well designed and bug-free.


So now let’s get to the most interesting and the fun part, for me at least. I made this mouse my daily-driver for about a week and tried to get used to it but unfortunately, I couldn’t.

The Viper V570 sensor is precise and good and its great for competitive gaming, the mouse didn’t exert any issue regarding the sensor in the initial testing. It also has extra buttons other than basic buttons which are good for MMO games.

The shape of the Viper V570 is ergonomic but in a strange way. At first, it looked good, but I could not get used to the shape at all. The grips are not even close to any of the mice I’ve been testing before.

Patriot Viper V570

Coming to the side of the buttons and clicks, the extra buttons for MMO games give out a cheap feeling upon clicking on them, the primary left and right clicks feel a little bit tacky but not that solid or satisfying, just average. The overall build quality of Viper V570 is not great to be honest. Patriot must take notice of this and fine tune their future Mice.

Patriot Viper V570

The ceramic foot pad looks interesting at first. The generic Teflon mouse feet are always better because they can glide on almost any kind of mouse pad. However, the ceramic foot pads on the Viper V570 were not bad at all. I didn’t feel any kind of friction when gliding it all over my mousepad.

The sensor is quite good, I didn’t face a single issue regarding the movement of the mouse in the full time of my testing. I mostly played PUBG, Battlefield, and WoW with it.


The Patriot Viper V570 is a nice try from a brand who is the pioneer of producing memory and flash memory products, and as we all know when a company tries to widen their product variety they don’t just make the perfect products at first.

Patriot has a lot of aspects to improve in the Viper V570, going through the build quality, finishing of the product and much more.

The quality of the mouse is so average that it isn’t able to hold a hype. I would also mention the weight of the mouse which is adjustable, and scroll feels good and has a good click, maybe its good for some traits.

RGB feature on the mouse is the only slayer, in my opinion, it attracts you every time whenever you sight the mouse. I will give a plus point to Patriot for this. The Viper V570 no doubt offers one of the best lightings features out there in the market.

Patriot Viper V570

I would go as far as to say that in some ways the RGB lighting has positioned Viper v570 on a leading front in terms of class and exclusiveness. Moreover, the under glow feature is just amazing.

Overall it’s a nice mouse if it had a lower price tag and is not recommended in my case. For this price, you can get a lot of well-engineered mice.

MSRP for Viper V570 is $59 but its available for $39 at Amazon & 7250PKR in Pakistan.