The Coronavirus outbreak also forced Soccer Leagues around the world to be suspended. Teams who earn millions and also spend millions have nothing to do. Players are home, so why not play some FIFA.

Well, last week it was decided that all 20 Spanish La Liga sides will take part in a FIFA 20 Tournament. However, only 18 participated. In news covered by Spain AS and ESPN’s Samuel Marsden, Barcelona and Mallorca did not participate because of their marketing deal with PES.


The game developers and publishers Konami had a deal with Barcelona’s star Sergi Roberto. Similarly, Mallorca’s Alejandro Pozo was also in contract with Konami. Its unclear whether these players were in contract with Konami or it was Barcelona.

The FIFA 20 tournament was started as a campaign to raise funds for UNICEF in a battle against COVID-19. Players generously participated in the tournaments, because their presence helped raise huge funds through Streaming. The two players from Barcelona and Mallorca did not talk about the situation. The sources claim Konami was mainly behind their absence, and players or teams forgot about the deal in the first place. Spanish Giants Barcelona deal with Konami allows PES to do marketing through them. Barcelona could still appear in FIFA games though. Barcelona has a deal until 2023, and Mallorca’s deal could expire on June 30.


The tournament played with only 18 teams was won by Real Madrid’s midfielder Asensio. The Injured player who was out for most of the season dominated the tournament in good fashion.

PES and FIFA have a huge rivalry because these two are mainly behind the soccer games. FIFA has been dominant though, but people prefer PES gameplay. In comparison, FIFA is much older, has better marketing through players like Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar. They also make better graphics and have access to almost all teams and players. Soccer game fans often debate on both games, but in my opinion, it all comes down to personal preference.

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