PES Zalmi determined to utilize their experience from WESG APAC 2017 to upgrade their game to another dimension.

Portal Esports Zalmi were one of the first eSports teams to represent Pakistan in an international event.

PES Zalmi (formerly Portal Esports) were renowned for their ultimate skill and regarded as one of the best CSGO teams in the national circuit. Due to their incredible performance on the national level, they gathered many acclaims and were noticed for their worth. Consequently, they were selected to be a part of Pakistan’s historical inclusion in the WESG Asia Pacific competitions.

Pakistan WESG APAC
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It was a prestigious for occasion for the gaming community in Pakistan, as it was Pakistan’s debut at the intercontinental event. People were excited to see the local talent challenge and face international giants on such a spectacular stage for the first time.

Pakistan set foot on the international stage.

Though, the event did not gather any victories for the team but it surely battle-hardened our boys for the future. The Zalmi are determined to capitalize from their experience and claim glory for their homeland in the battles to come.

Abdul ‘HSB’ Haseeb Khan sets an eye for future glory.

To relive their journey to the international stage, we invited Abdul ‘HSB’ Haseeb Khan to illustrate his experience in his own words.

What were your thoughts and expectations before the competition?

           To be honest, we didn’t expect to put such a good fight against one of the best teams of Asia in this tournament. Our loss was mainly because we didn’t invest much time due to visa issues and lacked practice. We were deprived of practice for one month. And had to play directly in the tournament match. Still, we had a positive approach going on in our team and that unburdened any fear regarding our opponents. Before the games, we were really confident against our match-ups but that confidence soon turned into overconfidence and it backfired. They we weren’t able to close out the games.

What did it feel like to be one of the first teams ever to represent your country in an international E-sports event?

           It didn’t feel as ‘special’ as it’d seem to others because we were already dominating our local scene. So, we always knew that if someday Pakistan gets a slot, we will be the first ever team to represent our country.

How was the atmosphere at the event (were the other teams and crowd friendly or hostile)?

           The atmosphere at the event was really friendly. It was like meeting the same players we face online but this time it wasn’t on teamspeak but in person. We met some old friends, made new ones too.

What was it like to get exposure of the international arena?

           It was a whole new experience but I don’t think it was pressurizing for us. We took it positively and encouraged us to play better than we play at our homes. Many people didn’t even expect that we could do so much damage to one of the best teams in the tournament. But deep down inside, we always knew we can do this and EVEN BEAT them!

Determined to be the best.

What key things did you learn from your experience at the event?

           “It’s not over till it’s over” is the key thing we learnt from this event. We had struggled to close out our games mainly due to lack of experience and overconfidence. But we’re determined to fight back against failure and make better efforts next time. 

We only fall to rise again.


What is the next venture that you guys are planning?

Currently after this LAN event, I am really confident as a player and I see a huge potential in my team. We believe in each other and think that we can really do something in the CSGO Asian scene. Our plan for the next events is to place as high as possible and beat some of the best teams in Asia.

How do you see Pakistan’s future in E-sports over the coming years?

           The Pakistani e-sports scene seems dead to me as of now but I pray that it will grow more and be better in the upcoming years. Our community needs to believe in themselves and their abilities and strive hard to be the best.

What message would you like to convey to your fans?

           I would like to thank everyone who has been watching our games from home and following “PES Zalmi” and my page “HSB.” Thank you for your support!