Pioneer is one of the leading brands of Solid State Drives in the market at the moment and here it makes the cheapest 1TB ssd in the world yet.

Japanese technology company Pioneer is world-renowned for its in car entertainment. It unveiled the world’s first car CD player and the first DVD-R drive. And now it comes in the field of computer hardware.

Now it looks like it is – or at least one of its brand licensees is – betting on storage again with its flagship SSD, the APS-SL3, now the cheapest 1TB SSD around, costing a mere $93.99 on Amazon.

Pioneer sells its SSD products only on Amazon and even sells them in bulk with significant savings, great if you plan to run a NAS on SSDs. A 1TB SSD is now only about 50 percent more expensive than a hard disk drive of similar capacity (if you can find these that is) and represents a nice sweet spot.

Even if it is an entry-level DRAM-less solid state drive, it does come with a three-year warranty. As expected, it uses SATA technology, is a 2.5-inch model and built with 3D NAND chips around a Phison S11 controller; its rated transfer rate stands at 550MBps and 500MBps for read/write speeds and comes with advanced LDPC error correction. 

SSD is compatible with all SATA supporting hardwar

And for the given price tag, this thing is just the “Bang for your buck”. We have not tested this SSD yet, but by the looks and advertisement of this SSD, this thing looks promising.

This 1TB SSD is the cheapest amongst all 1tb SSDs in the market yet. If you have a cheaper SSD in sight, let us know in the comments!

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