In November 2019, we reviewed Planet Zoo and highly recommended it to everyone. Today, the game had its Australia Pack announced, which completely takes it to the next level.

Planet Zoo Australia Pack is going to feature all sorts of Australian animals that include the Koala, Dingo, Red Kangaroo, Southern Cassowary, and Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard. Other than this, over 230 New Scenery Pieces have been added. On top of that, a lot of new architecture stuff will also join the pack.

“You’ll find indigenous flora and fauna together with fun, vibrant scenery pieces and entertaining new animal toys to increase enrichment. Use the dusty-gold Desert Oceania sandbox as your canvas, create your very own outback outposts, and make foliage-filled oases. Over 230 new scenery pieces let you get creative!” reads the post.

Apart from these features, there is a new challenge coming as well. The new challenge will ask players to “to fulfill a set of fun objectives, such as raising guest happiness, adopting certain animals, and increasing shop profits, all to earn ranks. The faster your completion, the higher your rank.”

Lastly, the Australian Pack is 100% compatible with the Steam Workshop. Therefore, you can share and get a lot of player-made content.

Right now, no price for the Pack has been shared, but you can add it to your wishlist on Steam and get notified once its available.

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