Playing your favourite game all day and not changing the camera view must be daunting right? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because this Halo: Reach mod allows you to play the entire campaign in third-person mode. Well, I like the third person mode not because you can take advantage of seeing the enemy while staying behind the wall, I like it because there is so much to see.

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Coming back to subject, NexusMode uploaded their new mod, which everyone can download. Additionally, AkFumbles, the mod maker claims that there is an upcoming version for Firefight too, lets see how that works out. In order to play Halo: Reach in third person you have to download three sets of files, each with four maps. Afterward, you have to copy these downloaded files and paste them in your Halo Reach director. Keep your old files backup as well, in case you get some bug. Players have also complained that there are various issues with zooming, and camera not changing, but the new updated version seems to have fixed it.

Via: DSO