PlayStation 5 is better?
Ali Salehi, who works in Crytek as a leading engineer recently spoke about the difference between both upcoming consoles. In an interview with Persian Site Vigiato, Crytek Rendering engineer said that PS5 is much better than Xbox Series X.

The Interview was taken down, however, a twitter user translated everything and posted it. Afterward, he also deleted his tweets because “Ali Salehi doesn’t confirm the content of the interview anymore due to personal reasons.”

PlayStation 5

Ali Salehi said that PlayStation 5 will be easier to code, looking from a programmer’s perspective.

“As a programmer I say PS5 is much better and I don’t think you can find a programmer that could name one advantage that XSX has over PS5,” Saleh said in the interview, which was translated into English by a Persian Twitter user. 

PlayStation 5

Xbox Spec Bottleneck?
Furthermore, he also said PlayStation 5 is more balanced comparing Xbox Series X. The engineer gave an insight that more teraflops are not easy to bear, as you will find bottleneck.

“Many factors must work together and each part feeds another and gives the result of one part to the other. If any of these factors [don’t] work fast enough then it causes in lower performance in another part,” the Crytek engineer said. 

“A good example of this situation has happened before. With PS3. PS3 had much higher flops than 360 because of its SPU. But in practice because of its complications and memory bottleneck and other problems it never reached its peak of performance on paper.” 

More Issues
Further supporting his statement, he said that Xbox Series X is not balanced. Ali Salehi wrote that Xbox Series X has dual-channel Ram, however, the first one is faster than the other one, causing bad balance.

PlayStation 5

“A good example about Xbox Series X hardware is its RAM. Microsoft has made the RAM two parts. The same mistake they made with Xbox One. One part of RAM has high bandwidth and the other is low. And definitely coding for this could be a little challenging,” Saleh explained.

Well from a programmer’s perspective, it looks like things are a bit complicated. We don’t know how both consoles will go against each other when it comes to benchmarks. However, it is pretty noticeable, Xbox Series X has the upper hand over PlayStation 5.

We heard from Phil Spencer, that they are very confident Xbox will be better. I’m pretty sure, Ali Salehi will be right to some extent. Mainly, because Mark Cerny also talked about this.

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