PlayStation 5 was recently revealed, and they reveal only featured a white dual sense controller. Well, no more, because today a Black PlayStation 5 controller was leaked and the images look very realistic. The images were leaked by a Twitter User @IamAlex2006, and there isn’t any source where it came from but here we are.

The images look quite right and authentic because the measurements are very exact, 100 mm in height, and 70 mm in width. Along with that it also features a USB-C Port and what makes it quite hard to understand is. Why are there White Buttons on a Black Controller? I guess Sony wanted to change from their retro style and try something different this year.

Here are some more images that further shows the black controller. Along with that it also shows the expected one and the newly leaked black controller. I think the Expectation one is looking better and if it was in that design, I’d definitely buy it. Anyway, the marking of the controllers isn’t entirely visible, and I’ll take this leak with a pinch of salt.

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