New reports claim that the PS5 Reveal event had gotten more audience than ever. The report stated that the videos had a combined 80 million views, which in comparison to last year’s PS4 Reveal are twice. We also have to look at the factor that E3 itself has a huge audience, and PS4 reveal got a bonus audience.

These figures were taken from YouTube, and they are based on Views from the official PlayStation Videos. Relatively, this year the E3 did not happen. Which does not concern PlayStation Anyway. Sony has declined to join it for the past two years. The Coronavirus has caused people to stay at home, and this has caused a massive increase in viewership. We heard about games breaking records, and PS5 new audience record is not a surprise.

The Official PS5 Live Stream video had 17m views, which are a sum from different language channels. These analytics are taken from the first four days only. On the other hand, PS4 Hardware Reveal still leads, as it had 37million views, and PS5 only got 22m.

According to DFC Intelliegence, PlayStation 5 has had more impact than Xbox Series X. It might outsell it in coming months.

“The latest DFC Intelligence forecasts have the PlayStation 5 outselling the Xbox Series X by a significant margin,” the firm said in a note.  “Sony has big advantages that include better marketing and distribution, a larger built-in audience, and of course exclusive games.

Both Consoles are set to release later this year. Xbox Series X has an upcoming event, and PlayStation 5 might have one in August. They are rumored to announce price points, pre-order details, and some more exclusives.

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