New reports have started to arrive, that indicates Sony is going to double the manufacturing of its upcoming Console PS5. The report by Bloomberg, suggests that Sony is expecting more than usual demand for its consoles.

“Research indicates that since PS2/Original Xbox, there has been no increase in growth. The Original Nostalgia consoles did a combined sales of 179 Million Units. This was still more than PS3/Xbox 360 Combined Sales of 171 Million. Consequently, his newest number of 157 Million makes sense.”

It is quite weird because very recently we heard about Console Sales and how they are going down each year, The reports suggested that Xbox and PlayStation sales have never been the same level since PS3 was released. Moreover, we also heard that Sony was focusing on 5-6 Million Units to be sold at the end of March 2021.

It seems that Sony has seen the response from the community on its events, game releases, and overall statements. They are in this Console business for a decade, and no one knows better than them how to predict sales.

Coming back to the topic, Bloomberg says that Around 5 Million PlayStation 5’s will be manufactured until September. Afterward, another 5 Million are scheduled for manufacturing, which will be completed somewhere between October and December.

I think PlayStation 5 this year will do quite good. That is to say, the console is going to provide fantastic specifications and features like 4K 60FPS, and Ray Tracing. Not only that, but the exclusive’s coming to PS5 are also going to be worth it.

Consumers will go for futuristic hardware, that will support all the latest games and provide excellent performance. As a PC gamer, I never thought of switching to PS4, because of its 30 FPS Mark. However, PS5 has truly gotten me in its circle, and I may just buy it.

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