Ghost of Tsushima as you would have thought has done quite well in Japan. The game set in Feudal Japan, circled around Mongol Invasion is the latest addition to PlayStation 4. According to PlayStation Japan, Ghost of Tsushima stock could potentially face a shortage.

PlayStation has urged fans to go for the Digital Version because restock can take a lot of time. Ghost of Tsushima has done quite well in the UK and its no surprise that Japan is doing even better. I mean the game is set in Japan, and most importantly. You are on the Japanese side stopping the Mongol Invasion.

If you don’t know, Ghost of Tsushima starts with Jin Sakai, who is the last samurai remaining. His clan was killed by Mongols who had many superior guns. Jin has realized that there is no way he can defeat the Mongols with Swords. Therefore, he will now take revenge through the Ghost way. The game set in Japan has iconic temples, forests, animals, and so much of nature is involved. Along with that, things like Meditation and following the air are also part of the game. Ghost of Tsushima is apparently the last true PS4 exclusive to be released. Sony will now shift its focus to the upcoming PlayStation 5.

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