Popular Call of Duty streamer Carl Riemer might have done something most stupid on Twitch Stream. The streamer took out a pistol and shot it on the wall while being drunk. Carl Riemer was then banned from Twitch and removed from the esports org Soar Gaming.

What happened?
The COD & Fortnite Streamer took out a pistol on live stream, and kept saying “I ain’t got money”. Afterward, he reloaded the gun twice and shot it on the Wall. The streamer looked a bit shocked by his reaction, and he knew he had messed things up.

Here is footage of the incident.

Post Ban:
Carl Riemer uploaded a video on YouTube explaining the scenario. He said that toys are not be messed with. Carl further said that Twitch has suspended him, and he does not know if his earnings from last month will be released or not. The person admitted his mitake and said he will take any sorts of criticism.

Additionally, he said that this mistake could have hurt someone or killed his animals. Carl also said that his partner was not happy with the situation, and she nearly broke up with him. He apologized to everyone and said that Twitch was everything to him. It made him pay bills, feed dogs, and enjoy life. Carl ended the video with a bit of a learning lesson for everyone.


“You can entertain people without fucking doing something so stupid, Carl. You know. I could’ve just held a finger gun, dude. Why the fuck do I need to pull out a Glock on stream? It’s okay to have a gun on stream, but it’s not okay to discharge it, you know? This shit ain’t—it’s funny, but it’s not. It was content, but it’s not okay.”

Criticism over actions
Twitch has not released a statement on when Carl can be unbanned. He was widely criticized all over Twitter because of his actions. One person said, “is this really how “professional streamer/role model” is supposed to act? This is extremely unprofessional and uncalled for. This isn’t the type of content kids need to be watching please ban this irresponsible and childish individual”. Carl admitted his mistake and published Learning Lesson for all Twitch streamers out there.

Many fans consoled the Streamer on His YouTube Apology Video. There were dozens of fans, trying everything to help their favorite streamer go through this.

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