Portal is a name almost everyone in the Pakistan Gaming community is familiar with. And no, we’re not talking about the game, but the GameZone (or Gaming Cafe if you’d say) situated in Lahore which has 3 floors dedicated to providing the best gaming experience there is.

Last month, Portal held a tournament called Tekken Masters where players competed against each other in Tekken 7 for a prize pool of 55,000 PKR. And it seems like the guys at Portal just don’t get tired and are organizing another event called “The Weekly 1v1 Battlegrounds”.

As the name suggests, players will be battling against each other head to head (1v1 format) in various games and the event will be held on weekly basis. The Tournament will kick off on 10th December and will be concluded on New Year’s Eve with games being played on Sundays.

The tournament being organized will feature multiple games on PS4 and PC platform. For PS4, we have Fifa 18, COD: Infinite Warfare, COD: Black Ops 3 and Tekken 7. And on PC, players will go head to head in DOTA2, COD 4, CS: GO and MOH: AA Spearhead.

So get your gears out and get prepared, as the day this tournament kicks off is not so far. For registration, visit the following links:

Register for PS4 1 V 1 Challenges:

Register for PC 1 v 1 Challenges:

For more information, visit Portal FB Page:

Image source: Portal