Many PC Gamers will remember Prince of Persia, which used to be the rival to Assassin’s Creed Games, despite being developed by the same publisher Ubisoft. Anyhow, new reports have come forward that suggests Prince of Persia is getting a remake.

This popped up after many French, American, and Canadian Retailers leaked Ubisoft’s announcement. All the listings were the same, and pointed to a PlayStation 4 and Switch Release. Like many other leaks that are getting deleted and then being saved by users. This is no different. A user on Twitter by the name of Ken Xyro quickly got some of the listing screenshots, before it was removed.

The listing pointed to a November 2020 release. In addition, the listing is now removed and you cannot access it. In addition, popular Gaming Journalist Jason Schreier wrote that Ubisoft was trying to surprise fans with the Prince of Persia Remake Announcement. However, it has now been spoiled by these sites.

Anyhow, whatever the case is. Fans are already very excited because the Prince of Persia franchise was really lost and this can really bring it forward. We might hear about this game in Ubisoft’s September Event, so be patient guys.

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