Razer is known for its gaming accessories and laptops. But, this year at CES 2017 they have upped their game a notch. They have launched a gaming laptop –still a concept/prototype- Project Valerie having 3 screens –one main, and two fold our side screens- all having 4K resolution at 17.3 inches screen.

Well, each display is eye opening and for sure a great experience for hardcore gamers. The screen is supporting NVIDA Surround View giving a 180 degree field view at a peak resolution of 11520 * 2160 for an immersive gaming experience. Razer has claimed that it is the most expansive viewing experience a notebook could have –well that’s for sure-. Each screen are managed NVIDIA’s G-sync monitor technology to ensure multi action display.

RAZER has not forced using all the 3 screen’s at a single time. They can also be used to run multiple applications at the same time to multi-task. RAZER has installed an automated screen deployment system to set the screens in a seconds. When the screens are aligned they rest on aluminum hinges which RAZER claims are durable and unbreakable.

Talking about the insides Project Valerie would be supporting an NVIDIA GeForce 1080 GPU, 8GB of video RAM, 32GB of System RAM along with the same vapor powered cooling rig found in the single screened Blade Pro.

RAZER claims that even though Project Valerie is a 3 screen laptop it is having a form factor which is equivalent/comparable to other 17” screen laptops available in the market and can easily be carried in a bag and taken anywhere. PROJECT VALIERIE is 1.5” thick and weighs approximately ~12pounds.

Project Valerie unluckily is just a prototype. No information regarding the launch was shared neither the pricing. But, if seeing the market and looking at the present price of the lowest variant of Blade Pro which starts at $3,700 equivalent to 387630PKR.  Project Valerie would at least cost and would leave a prominent dent in the pocket costing you at $6,000 –if it ever see’s the light outside factory- which is roughly equivalent to 628500PKR.