Earlier this month Bandai Namco had teased an upcoming Dragon Ball Z RPG that was in the works. The company took to Twitter to make the announcement regarding the new game and that more details would be unveiled at the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals.

Staying true to their word, Bandai Namco has gone on to release their first ever announcement trailer for the game that they are calling “Dragon Ball Game – Project Z”.

The new action-RPG will revolve around the adventures of the main character Goku and his encounters with various villains and enemies he faces throughout his life. The trailer showcases some iconic moments from the Frieza saga, however it is still unclear as to how much of Goku’s story will we be playing. Since the game is named “Project Z” it will be interesting to see whether there is a chance of seeing the storyline from Dragon Ball Super being incorporated into the game as well. With hardly any gameplay footage in the trailer we can only wait until further trailers and announcements are made on the game to have an idea of what sort of gameplay to expect from this game.

Although the storyline path of the game is quite clear and that it will follow the adventures of Goku, we are yet to see what the gameplay will be like. The game is yet to have an official release date and die-hard fans of the Dragon Ball series will be eager to hear more developments on the game.

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