Well, the PlayStation 5 price leaks continue. The PlayStation 5 was spotted on Play-Asia, which is a very popular import site. PS5 listing allowed users to pre-order it, and tons of data were available. The listing allowed users to pre-order the PS5 in all sorts of Countries. The pre-order price of the PS5 is $699, which is huge. Similarly, the storefront also features Dualsense, which can also be ordered separately for $79.99.

The Epic part about this listing is that it has not been removed yet. We have seen things appearing on Amazon and other stores. However, they are removed instantly due to bug and safety. This one is still up, and users can see all sorts of information.

It sounds a bit weird, but Play Asia might be trying to get some attention. We know that Sony has not officially announced the price. Hence, retailers don’t know anything. PS5 Price has been rumored to be around $500 because they have to stay in competition with Xbox Series X.

This Leak featured the base version of PS5, which has the CD Drive. Reports state that Digital Version will be much expensive. Sony’s Boss Jim Ryan said that PS5 price is all about value over price. So we might expect expensive hardware at launch. Fans are expecting lower prices. However, In my opinion, the prices will be much high, because the tech on PS5 is quite expensive. we look at the SSD, CPU and its GPU, they cannot be adjusted under $500 Price TAG.

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