As we come close to Xbox Series X and PS5, Analyst is already predicting their total sales. An Analyst by the name of Peirs Harding-Rolls researched and wrote a report. According to him, PS5 Sales will be nearly double comparing Xbox Series X.

According to Harding-Rolls, the Console market will see tremendous sales because of the leap in Hardware on both technologies. The new hardware will be more future proof, and they will last long. Hence, more users will upgrade to it, so they can stay clam for further years.

Harding-Rolls also says that PS5 will be a top seller during launch. Sony will sell more than 66 million PS5 units by the end of 2024, and Xbox Series X will sell around 37 Million Units. Harding also says that the Console Market has little to no room for further growth.

His research indicates that since PS2/Original Xbox, there has been no increase in growth. The Original Nostalgia consoles did a combined sales of 179 Million Units. This was still more than PS3/Xbox 360 Combined Sales of 171 Million. Consequently, his newest number of 157 Million makes sense.

“While the market is still substantial and likely to be consistently large at least during the next console life cycle, what has been proven over the last decade is that even with significant resources ploughed into growing adoption on a global basis, including more serious entry into a series of additional territories, substantial hardware unit sales growth for Sony and Microsoft combined has not materialized,” he explained.

Like all rumors, Harding also believes that the price will be somewhere between $450-500. We recently saw the Leak on Play-Asia, that Listed Pre-Order for PS5 at $599.

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