We all know that Xbox Series X has better Specs than PS5. However, PS5 SSD is the most talked-about Hardware and it is considered to be a game-changer for Sony. Microsoft Manager, Bill Stillwell also agreed that PS5 SSD and Its Zero loading time is very advantageous for PS5.

Bill also discussed the factor, on how will developers optimize their games for both platforms at once. Xbox Series X does not have an incredible SSD like PS5, hence its games will take time and they will be different. Developers will have to figure out how they can develop multiplatform games, that will also adjust with PS5 SSD Loading Screen.

In a Podcast, Stillwell briefly described “I’ll say two things with that. One, I understand that its a marketing point and I think I said in the last Podcast we did, I’m really impressed in the archeticture they did with their drive and they’ll be able to do really cool stuff with it. I also don’t think it’s as impressive over what you’ll be able to do what the Series X has done and so I have high confident in that team. I will also say, look I reserve the right to wake up smarter tomorrow and someone may prove me wrong and we’ll learn.The one thing I have learned is I’v never underestimated game developers to take advantage of something and work around it, but that works on both sides. And so the ability of a game developer to look and say “okay I’m building this game and I want to have seamless transition with no loading screens on PlayStation, but I’m also gonna want to sell on an Xbox, what am I going to do to manage that kind of thing?” Like that will be the trick and the techniques, and so maybe, I’m just making this up, but maybe there are elevators in the Xbox version and not the Sony version. I don’t know how they’re gonna address it, but they will learn to address it and they will figure out ways to work around it, and that’s where you’ll get these economies of these statement of absolute versus what we can actually do when these games releases

In history books, PlayStation and Xbox have been super competitive. Their hardware was very similar, and development for multi-platform games was easy. However, in PS5 and Xbox Series X, things will be a bit complicated. Xbox 360 and PS3 were very similar in terms of architecture and specs. Similarly, The Xbox One and PS4 have also been similar hardware.

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