Well, the leaks continue as we approach the release of PlayStation 5. This time, the PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller has been leaked, which indicates the controller using 1560MA Battery. This ultimately means that the PS5 Dualsense Controller could have 50% more battery capacity than the older DualShock 4.

A User on Twitter by the name of Galaxy666 posted the pictures DualSense 5 Controller and claimed he did a test. According to him, he got access to the controller through the accessory company for which he works. If his claims are right, we might be seeing a very good battery life on the PS5 Controller. If you don’t know the DualShock 4 had a significantly lower battery, featuring 1000mA only.

This is really good, also considering the fact that PS5 has more advanced features like the haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in mic, and a light which the user claims isn’t there. When asked more about the controller, he said buttons are more pleasant to press than PS4. Other than that, there are no lights on any buttons, which will kind of suck if you play in the dark like me.

In addition he also said that “the feeling of dualsense 5 analog stick is almost the same as dualshock 4, interestingly, according to the test, the current charge comes to 1500mA, which means the Dualsense5 seems support kind of quick charge technology”

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